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Post by kcling on Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:03 pm

Berjaya Group merupakan sebuah syarikat terkemuka (pemilik 7-eleven, StarBuck, Singer, Kenny Roger's Roasters, Borders dan rangkaian Hotel Berjaya) kini menawarkan 1000 buah kedai serbaneka untuk rakyat Malaysia.
Koata Bumiputra hanya 500 kedai.. sekarang dah ada 22 kedai..

Kedai serbaneka ini merupakan kedai stokiseCOSWAY untuk menggantikan stokis tradisionalCOSWAY . apa beza dengan cosway adalah e cosway dibuka di 10 negara.. cosway hanya di Malaysia sahaja.. tapi barang adalah barang cosway.. jadi dah ada pelanggan tetap anda

Apa yang menariknya, semuanya PERCUMA !

1. Sewa bulanan secara PERCUMA
2. Deposit permulaan kedai PERCUMA.
3. Renovasi kedai secara PERCUMA.
4. Infrastruktur PERCUMA ( TV Plasma, Pemain DVD, Penyaman Udara,
pemasangan CTV, Komputer, Mesin swap kad kredit dan semua
kelengkapan asas kedai ).
5. Stok bernilai RM300,000-RM500, 000 PERCUMA
6. Bil elektrik PERCUMA.
7. Promosi syarikat PERCUMA.

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Post by hasbima@abe on Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:03 pm

tarima kasih atas info
Leftenen Jeneral
Leftenen Jeneral

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Post by kcling on Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:05 pm

u are welcome, i helping those who got business mind one.


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Post by leaderchin99 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:31 am

Join the ever glowing eCosway market in Malaysia.

Stockist is wanted, where you will supported almost fully to open a sale center anywhere in Malaysia with only deposit of RM10k (refundable).

Benefit - expenses bared by Cosway
- Renovation for the new shop lot or lot in complex
- Stock (on consignment)
- Monthly Rental
- Monthly Electric bill
- Sundry Expenses
- Repair & Maintenance
- Stationary reimbursement
- Activities/demo expenses reimbursement
- Bunting/leaflet/Catalog/d v *
- Business Registration
- Area Executive( Maintenance )
- Trainer ( Promote sales ) - 6 months provided
- Stock Coordinator ( Monitor stock )
- Equipment: Computer, TV, alarm system, cctv,
water dispenser and etc.

8 Criteria for Stockist Application
1) Female
2) 25-45 years old
3) English (and computer literate)
4) RM10k Deposit (refundable)
5) Guarantor - not to worry about it, we have a healthy network of > 5000 BO
6) Shop must open 7 days/week
7) Shop must open 12 hours/ day
Cool Full time

NOT included
Water bill
Installation of 2 telephone lines + Streamyx
Insurance premium around RM1k plus (Insurance coverage include Flood, Fire, Theft and Robbery)

Sample calculation of Retail Shop Profit Earning
Scenario : Assumption of RM 120,000 gross sales / month
Monthly Gross Sales RM 60,000 = RM 5,000 nett
Balance Gross Sales RM 60,000x5% = RM 3,000
Monthly eV of 10,000 = RM 6,800
total =RM 14,800

Contact me if you want to join our success ecosway team.


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eCosway (M) Sdn Bhd Empty Publishing of Articles with the eCosway name is a Breach of Trademark Laws

Post by Compliance on Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:57 pm

Dear Sirs,

It has come to our knowledge that you have posted articles on eCosway on the internet.

Kindly note that eCosway is a trademarked brandname (US Registration Number: 77847993) and publishing of the eCosway name for
whatsoever reason without prior approval of the eCosway name is in breach of Trademark laws.

Kindly further note that the eCosway Company has every right to initiate legal action against you for the posting and /or publishing of the said articles and posts.

Kindly remove ALL the said articles and/or posts immediately.

Compliance Department


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